Sub Specialist Program

Advanced education of a specialist doctor (subspecialist / consultant specialist) is the deepening of one aspect (science, skills and procedures) in a specific field that is part of a particular branch of science (area of ​​special interest), and has received recognition by the collegiate of expertise. related medical science branch and approved by the Indonesian Medical Council.

A subspecialty doctor is a specialist doctor who has completed a fellowship program in a particular field from one specialization and has received recognition from the College of Management of the relevant branch of science. The competence achieved in the subspecialty / consultant fellowship is an advanced competency from the competence of the relevant branch of science. Thus, a subspecialty fellowship program should be held if there is no related specialist education program.

In another definition, it is also stated that the Specialist Doctor II / or Subspecialty Professional Education Study Program is an educational program that produces a third professional degree staff which is an advanced level of specialist doctor education (second professional degree). This educational program will produce Consultant Specialist doctors (K) who have specific clinical competences and advanced academic abilities as well as quality as a professional consultant as stipulated in the National Competency standard as a Consultant.

This educational program is of a professional academic nature because it is a combination of academic education characterized by deepening of knowledge and professional education characterized by the achievement of professional competence.

The Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia is the first educational institution to organize a Subspecialty education program in Indonesia. The first time the subspecialty education program was approved by the Chancellor of the University of Indonesia was the Internal Medicine Subspecialty study program, then the Subspecialty study program in Pediatrics, the Subspecialty study program in Surgery, the Obstetrics and Gynecology Subspecialty study program, the Subspecialty study program in Medicine, was opened, Psychology, and Anesthesiology Subspecialty study program.

Subspecialty Educational Objectives


  1. The existence of a government policy regarding further education for specialist doctors (subspecialist doctors / specialist consultants) as a reference in structuring educational programs.
  2. The implementation of the Subspecialty Education Program in accordance with national professional standards and based on the competence of the national education system


  1. There are standards, educational processes and competency standards for further education for specialist doctors (sub-specialist doctors / consultant specialists).
  2. Fulfillment of the needs of subspecialists / specialist consultants for tertiary health services and achieving good service quality in tertiary hospitals.

The following is a list of Subspecialty Study Programs at the Faculty of Medicine, Universitas Indonesia:

No Program Study
Semester Title
1 Internal Medicine
4 – 6 (K)
2 Pediatric
4 (K)
3 Surgery 4 (K)
4 Obstetry dan Ginekology 5 (K)
5 Psikiatri
4 (K)
6 Anestesiology
6 (K)

For further information and information, please contact:
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