Master of Medical Education

An innovative medical teacher with good leadership skills and competence in research is the profile of the graduates of Master in Medical Education, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia. Through various learning experiences such as lecture, discussion, seminar and field work, students will be facilitated to obtain competencies in regards to medical education management, based on updated and relevant theories, specifically related to curriculum design and implementation. Students are also encouraged to develop their self-awareness ability, in order to continuously uphold ethics, moral values and professionalism as teachers in the medical field. Not only as competent medical education practitioners, our program is also committed to produce medical education experts, through the ability of research, which will lead to the development of medical education discipline as a branch of medicine. Of course, the ultimate goal, at the end, is to improve the quality of medical education in Indonesia with the real contribution of FMUI master graduates and increase the roles of Indonesia significantly in the worldwide development of medical education discipline. This program is designed to be delivered in 4 semesters with 44 credits, which ends with final research and thesis writing. In addition to the 42 credits of compulsory modules, students will have the opportunity for in-depth studies of the topic of their choice in the elective module (2 credits).

As one of the only two Master in Medical Education programs in Indonesia, the Master in Medical Education Program, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia is committed to provide an infinite experience for all of our students. This commitment, which is the program’s excellence, is translated into several activities, such as the opportunity to contextualize every learning materials into the real situations in each institution where our students come from; the opportunity to observe and critically appraise the real practice of teaching in FMUI; facilitation and guidance in developing an Instructional Design Book, which is a classroom-level curriculum; and also the opportunity to conduct medical education research, relevant with the needs of the institution and the current development of medical education science.


The vision of this study program is to be a leading Master in Medical Education Program in Indonesia. In line with the vision of Universitas Indonesia and Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI), it is expected that, in 2015, the quality of our graduates gain nationwide recognitionand acknowledged in the South-East Asian community.


The vision of our Master in Medical Education Program is further elaborated in four missions, which are:

  1. To manage and develop higher education program in medical education discipline for teaching faculty around Indonesia, in line with the development of medical education sciencesin Indonesia and abroadthrough medical education research;
  2. To produce Masters in Medical Education who are able to plan, execute and evaluate medical education program, both for medical doctor and residency programs in their own institutions;
  3. To produce Masters in Medical Education who are able to identify problems in medical education and propose solution to the problems encountered in their own institutions;
  4. To develop and nurture partnership with institutions and experts in medical education, from Indonesia and abroad.


The goal of our program is to educate students through various teaching and learning experiences and facilitate the completion of Master in Medical Education curriculum and also to produce graduates with the ability to manage and develop medical education program according to scientific basis and develop the science of medical education through innovation and research.

Student admission

Incoming students are admitted to the program once a year, at the beginning of September. The admission exam and process is conducted twice a year between January and July.

Requirements for future students are:

  1. Medical doctor or holder of other bachelor degrees from accredited institution, with GPA higher than 2.75;
  2. For non-medical doctor graduates, submit a letter of statement that he/she has been/is working in medical or other health professions education institute
  3. Pass the student admission test, which covers the academic potential test, English proficiency test, and Indonesian language proficiency test.

Student admission and enrolment processis centralized and held the university. More information regarding admissions is available inthe website:

Graduates profile

Our graduates in Master of Medical Education Program are both researcher and practitioner, with competence in:

  1. Planning various types of research in medical educationto support the development of medical education sciences;
  2. Performing research in medical education to support the development of medical education sciences;
  3. Managing and organizing various types of research in medical education to support the development of medical education sciences;
  4. Applying management principles (planning, organizing, actuating, controlling) in researchand implementation of medical education curriculum;
  5. Developing the curriculum of medical doctor program (undergraduate and postgraduate), based on relevant basictheory and the needs of society;
  6. Determining various teaching methods, learning strategies and experiences, based on relevant basic theory, to facilitate students in achieving the learning objectives
  7. Developing a scheme of student assessment, based on relevant basic theory, in order to evaluate students’ achievement;
  8. Evaluating medical education program, using mono-, inter-, and multi-disciplinary approach;
  9. Implementing medical education program based on the best evidence available, with necessary modification and adjustment, according to each institution’s situation and condition.

In addition to the above main competences, our graduates are also trained to:

  1. Be self-aware and a lifelong learner;
  2. Implement continuing professional and personal development program;
  3. Implement ethics and basic moral principles;
  4. Utilize information technology to supportprofessional work;
  5. Implement effective communication principles (verbal and written) for academic and non-academic purpose.


The program spans in4 semesters,with the distribution of modules, as follow:

1st Semester (12 credit points)

MD4080U101     Philosophy of science and ethics inmedical education (1 credit)

MD4080U102     Academic communication: oral and written (1 credit)

MD4080U103     Research methodology (1 credit)

MD4080U104     Biostatistics and computer statistics (1 credit)

MD4080U105     Critical thinking I (1 credit)

MD4080U106     Psychology in education (1 credit)

MD4080U107     Leadership in education (1 credit)

MD4080U108     Curriculum development I (1 credit)

MD4080U109     Teaching and learning I (1 credit)

MD4080U110     Student assessment I (1 credit)

MD4080U211     Seminar on Literature ReviewI (2 credits)

2nd Semester (12 credit points)

MD4080U213     Critical thinking II (1 credit)

MD4080U114     Student selection(1 credit)

MD4080U215     Curriculum development II (2 credits)

MD4080U216     Teaching and learning II (2 credits)

MD4080U217     Student assessment II (2 credits)

MD4080U118     Instructional materialdesign and development (1 credit)

MD4080U119     Continuing personal and professional development (1 credit)

MD4080U212     Seminar on Literature Review II (2 credits)


3rd Semester (10 credit points)

MD4080U320     Curriculum development III (2 credits)

MD4080U121     Management of education and change(1 credit)

MD4080U122     Research in medical education (1 credit)

MD4080U223     Students guidance and support (2 credits)

MD4080U424     Development of instructional design book (2 credits)

MD4080U225     Elective (2 credits)

4th Semester (10 credit points)

MD4080U826     Research (thesis) (8 credits)

MD4080U227     Seminar on review/research results (2 credits)

Learning Activities

Learning activities are carried out through face-to-face meeting in the campus of Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia at specified schedule.


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