Department of Surgery

Department of Surgery

General Information

Department of Surgery FKUI has a vision to be an independent and leading department of surgery in Asia Pacific that demonstrates excellent and professional academic, referral service and research in 2014.

This department always tries to improve image and achievement in academic and research service to reach level of evaluation through various partnerships. This, in turn, is hoped to improve the wealth of staff and employees. Department of surgery always strives to improve the quality of education for doctor, surgeon, and fellows to be at the level of Asia Pacific.

Research atmosphere for academic community is improved so that research can continue to be excellent and beneficial. The improvement is done through providing research facilities and human resource in temrs of knowledge and research skill. Department of Surgery always strives to widen latest development in surgery by conducting various activities such as continuing education.

It is hoped that Department of Surgery can be the national referral center, be it in medical service or academic, to be the training center for surgery.


Public Service


  1.     Achmad Fauzi Kamal, dr, SpOT
  2.     Achmad Kurnia, dr, SpB(K)
  3.     Aditya Wardhana, dr, SpBP(K)
  4.     Agi Satria Purwanto, dr, SpB(K)BD
  5.     Agus Rizal A.H. Hamid, dr, SpB
  6.     Ahmad Yani, dr, SpB, SpBA
  7.     Akmal Taher, Prof, Dr, dr, SpU
  8.     Alexander Jayadi Utama, dr, SpB
  9.     Andri Maruli Tua Lubis, Dr, dr, SpOT
  10.     Arnold B.H.Simandjuntak, dr, SpB(K)
  11.     Arry Rodjani, dr, SpB(K)
  12.     Aryadi Kurniawan, dr, SpB(K)
  13.     Bambang Gunawan, dr, SpB
  14.     Bennardus Philippi, dr, SpB(K)BD
  15.     Bisono, dr, SpBP
  16.     Chaidir Arif Mochtar, Dr, dr, SpU
  17.     Charles E. Damping, dr, SpB(K)BD
  18.     Chaula Luthfia Sukasah, Prof, dr, SpB
  19.     David Manuputty, dr, SpB(K)
  20.     Dedy Pratama, dr, SpB(K)
  21.     Dukut Respati Kasmono, dr, SpB-KBD
  22.     Emir Soendoro, dr, SpOT(K)
  23.     Errol Untung Hutagalung, Prof, dr, SpB(K)
  24.     Erwin Danil Yulian, dr, SB(K)Onk
  25.     Fathema Djan, dr, SpB(K)
  26.     Firdaoessaleh, dr, SpB(K)
  27.     Gentur Sudjatmiko, dr, SpB(K)
  28.     Harrina Erlianti Rahardjo, dr, SpU
  29.     Hilman Ibrahim, dr, SpB(K)
  30.     Ibrahim Basir, dr, SpB(K)
  31.     Ifran Saleh, dr, SpB(K)
  32.     Ign. Wuryantoro, dr, SpB(K)
  33.     Imam Susanto, dr, SpBP(K)
  34.     Iskandar R Budianto, dr, SpB, SpBA
  35.     Ismail, Dr, dr, SpOT
  36.     Ismail Dilawar, dr, SpBTKV
  37.     Jusuf Rachmat, dr, SpBT-KV
  38.     Kukuh Basuki Rahmat, dr, SpB(K)
  39.     Memet Rachmat Nataprawira, dr, SpB(K)
  40.     Muchlis Ramli, Prof, dr, SpB(K)
  41.     Murnizal Dahlan, dr, SpB(K)
  42.     Moch.Amir Thajeb, dr, SpB(K)
  43.     Nur Rasyid, dr, SpU(K)
  44.     Paruhum Ulitua Siregar, dr, SpB(K)
  45.     Ponco Birowo, dr, SpU
  46.     R.Suhartono, dr, SpB(K)BV
  47.     Rahyussalim, dr, SpOT
  48.     Rainy Umbas, Prof, dr, SpU, PhD
  49.     Riana Pauline Tamba, dr, SpB(K)
  50.     Sastiono, dr, SpB(K)
  51.     Sidik Setiamihardja, dr, SpBP
  52.     Singkat Dohar Apul L.Tobing, dr, SpB(K)
  53.     Sjaiful Anwar Hadi, dr, SpOT
  54.     Sonar Soni Panigoro, dr, SpB(K),Onk
  55.     Subroto Sapardan, Prof, dr, SpB(K), SpOT
  56.     Tarmizi Hakim, dr, SpB(K)
  57.     Theddeus O.H.Prasetyono, dr, SpBP(K)
  58.     Toar J.M.Lalisang, Dr, dr, SpB(K)BD
  59.     Yanto Sandy Tjang, dr, SpBTKV
  60.     Yarman Mazni, dr, SpB(K)BD

For further information, kindly contact:

Department of Surgery
Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia
Rumah Sakit Cipto Mangunkusumo
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6, Jakarta Pusat 10430
Telp. +62-21-31930956/31936030
Fax. +62-21-3100050

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