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General Information
Medical education for bachelor degree in medical science and specialist degree in Radiology is conducted synergistically in FKUI and Radiology Service Unit in Rumah Sakit Umum Pusat Nasional (RSUPN) Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta. The curriculum is specially developed in accordance to directive of FKUI and Kolegium Radiologi Indonesia (KRI). Double degree program in Radiology Specialist and Master program has been available since 2007.

It is our vision to be the center of health service in Radiology that offers high quality service as well as to become the center of leading Radiology education in ASEAN by 2005 and in Asia Pacific by 2015.

Department of Radiology FKUI strives to improve the quality of service in Radiology combined with decency, patience and professionalism for the whole community. Measures to improve the quality of education in Radiology such as human resource development in education, research, and service, and supportive academic environment are taken to stimulate high quality research to develop science, and technology as well as education and services in radiology.

department consists of 10 divisions:
1. Division of Breast Imaging
2. Division of Neuroradiology
3. Division of Interventional dan Cardiovascular Radiology
4. Division of Musculoskeletal Radiology
5. Division of Digestive Tract Radiology
6. Division of Nuclear Medicine
7. Division of Pediatric Radiology
8. Division of Head and Neck Radiology
9. Division of Thoracic Radiology
10. Division of Urinary and Genital Tracts Radiology
General Services
Department of Radiology FKUI-RSCM offers a wide range of radiological diagnosis especially in the field of surgery, internal medicine, pediatrics. Pulmonology, cardiology and cardiovascular medicine, otology, ophthalmology, forensic medicine, as well as obstetrics and gynecology and other branches of medicine. A wide selection of instruments and modalities are available at physicians’ request and depending on the nature of the disease and the condition of the patients.

Thoracal Radiology
o Conventional Radiography
o Thoracic CT Scan
o Pleural USG

Musculoskeletal Radiology
o Bone Radiography
o Bone CT Scan
o Bone MRI
o Bone scan
o Joint and soft tissue USG (Doppler)

Urinary and Genital Tracts Radiology
o Intravenous Urography
o Retrograde/anterograde Pyelography
o Uretrocystography
o Micturating Cysto Urethrography (MCU)
o Bipolar Uretrography
o Urinary Tract USG (Doppler)
o Testicular USG (Doppler)
o Genitography
o CT/MR urography
o Internal Genitalia MRI

Digestive Tract Radiology
o Barium meal
o Barium enema / colon in loop
o Lopography
o Fistulography
o CT Colonoscopy
o Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)
o Digestive Tract CT/MRI

o CT Scan
o Brain and Bone Marrow MRI
o MR Myelography
o Brain USG

Breast Imaging
o Mammography
o Breast USG (Doppler)
o Breast MRI
o Ductulography

Interventional and Cardiovascular Radiology
o Angiography
o Venogrraphy
o Limphography
o Myelography
o Transarterial Embolization
o Transarterial  Cytostatic Infusion
o Guided Biopsy

Radiology of the Head and Neck
o Conventional Radiography
o Head and Neck CT Scan
o Head and Neck MRI
o Neck USG
o Sialography
o Dacryocystography

Nuclear Medicine
o Bone Scintigraphy (3 phase bone scan)
o Kidney Scintigraphy (GFR, ERPF)
o Lymphoscintigraphy
o Thyroid Scintigraphy
o Hepatobilliary Scintigraphy
o Lung Scintigraphy

1. Aviyanti Djurzan, Radiologist, MD
2. Arman Adel Abdullah, Radiologist, MD, PhD
3. Azwar Boer, Radiologist, MD
4. Bambang Budiyatmoko, Radiologist, MD
5. Daniel Makes, Radiologist, MD
6. Dewi Asih, Radiologist, MD
7. Indrati Suroyo, Radiologist, MD
8. Irwan Ramli, Oncology Radiologist, MD
9. I Wayan Murna Y, Radiologist, MD
10. Jacub Pandelaki, Radiologist, MD, PhD
11. Marcel Prasetyo, Radiologist, MD
12. Melita, Radiologist, MD
13. Nana Supriana, Oncology Radiologist, MD
14. Nina ISH Supit, Radiologist, MD
15. Nyimas Diana Yulisna, Radiologist, MD
16. Prijo Sidipratomo, Radiologist, MD
17. Rahmad Mulyadi, Radiologist, MD
18. Rahmi Afifi, Radiologist, MD
19. Sawitri Darmiati, Radiologist, MD
20. Prof. Soehartati Argadikoesoema, Oncology Radiologist, MD, PhD
21. Sri Mutya Sekarutami, Oncology Radiologist, MD
22. Susworo, Prof, Dr, dr, SpRad(K), Onk.Rad
23. Tonny Kuncoro Sudarno, Radiologist, MD
24. Vally Wulani, Radiologist, MD

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Department of Radiology
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Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6, Jakarta Pusat 10430
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