Departement of Clinical Pathology

Department of Clinical Pathology FKUI aims to become a leading medical study program that also serves in professional medical education, research and health service, as well as community oriented human resources development both in national and international level.
Our mission is to conduct medical education for doctors and specialists I in Clinical Pathology. Our educational process involves research development as well as organizational and management development that focus on quality, autonomy, accountability, and accreditation. Hospital-based teaching and psychomotor development are highly encouraged in the learning process. It is expected that our graduates has the required skills in Clinical Pathology and are able to provide professional health care according to the most recent development of Clinical Pathology science and technology.

In addition, Department of Clinical Pathology FKUI has established partnership with teaching hospitals as well as many other public and private hospitals in Indonesia, partaking in our nation’s community health development through our high quality, social, and populist graduates.

1. Alida Roswita Harahap, Clinical Pathologist, MD, DMM, PhD
2. Astuti Giantini, Clinical Pathologist , MD
3. Dalima Astrawinata, Clinical Pathologist , MD, M.Epid
4. Dewi Wulandari, Clinical Pathologist, MD
5. Diyah Kristanty Rediyanto, Dra, M.Si
6. Diana Aulia, Clinical Pathologist , MD, PhD
7. Eky Indyanti W L, MD
8. Fify Henrika DH, Clinical Pathologist , MD
9. Farida Oesman, Clinical Pathologist MD,
10. Ina Susianti Timan, Clinical Pathologist , MD, PhD
11. July Kumalawati, Clinical Pathologist , MD, DMM
12. Prof. Marzuki Suryaatmadja, Clinical Pathologist, MD
13. Ninik Sukartini, Clinical Pathologist, MD, DMM
14. Prof. Rahayuningsih Dharma, Clinical Pathologist, MD, DSc
15. Prof. Rustadi Sosrosumihardjo, Clinical Pathologist, MD, PhD, MS, DMM
16. Siti Nurbaya, Dra, M.Si
17. Sri Suryo Adiyanti, MD, M.Kes
18. Prof. Suzanna Immanuel, Clinical Pathologist ,MD
19. Tony Loho, Clinical Pathologist, MD, DMM
20. Yusra, Clinical Pathologist, MD

For further information, please contact:
Department of Clinical Pathology
Fakultas Kedokteran Universitas Indonesia
Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6, Jakarta Pusat 10430