Organization Structure

Organization Structure

Dean’s Office

Dean Ari Fahrial Syam
Internist, MD, PhD
Vice Dean for Education, Research, and Student Affairs Dwiana Ocviyanti
Obstetrician, MD, PhD
Vice Dean for Resources, Venture, and General Administration Anis Karuniawati
Clinical Microbiologist, MD, PhD
Secretary to the Faculty Prof. Saleha Sungkar
Parasitologist, MD
Manager for Academic and Students Affair
Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate Program
Nani Cahyani Sudarsono
Sport Medicine, MD
Manager for Academic and Students Affair
Medical Doctor Specialist and Sub-Specialist
Orthopaedi, MD, PhD
Manager of General Affairs Prof. Rini Sekartini
Paediatric, MD, PhD
Manager of Research and Social Services Budi Wiweko
Obstetrician, MD, PhD
Manager of Cooperation, Venture, and Alumni Affairs Andi Darma Putra
Obstetrician, MD


Law & Collaboration R. Muhammad Ali Fathoni
Bachelor of Law, Master of Hospital Administration
Information System & Data Center Aria Kekalih
MD, Master of Information Technology, PhD
Organization, Protocoler, & Secretariat Gusti Nyoman Surendra
Bachelor of Law, Master of Science
Public Relations & International Relations Office Andi Darma Putra
Obstetrician, MD
Undergraduate Program Fernandi Moegni
Obstetrician, MD
Specialist-1 and Specialist-2 Program Rahyussalim
Orthopaedi, MD, PhD
Doctoral Program  Prof. Sarwono Waspadji
Internist, MD, PhD
Administration & SIAK-NG Dwi Anita Suryandari
Master of Biomed, Dra, PhD
Student Affair Akhmadu
Cardiologist, MD, PhD
Hospital and Institution Collaboration Prof. Bambang Budi Siswanto
Cardiovasculer, MD
Alumni, CDC & Community Service Atika Barasila
Master of Biomed, MD
Human Resource Dini Trisnowati
Bachelor of Economic
Budgeting Astrid Saraswaty Dewi
MD, Master of Hospital Administration
Finance and Accounting Grethen Siregar
Bachelor of Economic
General & Facilities Winarsih
Master of Science
Research Management Aryo Tedjo
Scientist, Master of Science
Development of Research Center & Research Multydicipline Laboratory Andriansjah
Master of Science, PhD
 Community Services Trinovita Andriani
Master of Biomed, MD
Technical Assistance and administration cooperation Rita Mustika
Master of Epidemiology, MD
Medical Education & Research Center Badriul Hegar Syarif
Paediatric Consultant, MD
Continuing Medical Education Rini Sekartini
Paediatric Consultant, MD, PhD
 FKUI – Health Science Cluster Diantha Soemantri
Med. Ed, MD


Person in Charge

Library Putri Pratiwi
Bachelor of Humaniora
Health Science Cluster and UI Hospital for Human Resource and facilities Astrid Saraswaty Dewi
MD, Master of Hospital Administration
Skills Lab Unit Tri Juli Edi Tarigan
Internist, MD


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