Dean’s Word

Dean’s Word

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Since 1898, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI) has shown commitment and consistency in developing the most excellent medical education and research in Indonesia. Empowering Indonesian people through education and thus enhancing national welfare are two of our utmost concern. The care for humanity and passion to help are integral characters of FMUI’s graduate that encompasses as many as 20% of national doctors.


Being the national center of medical education and research for almost a century, FMUI thrives to preserve its excellence in the globalization era through systematic internationalization effort. It is our vision to become the leading medical research faculty in Asia Pacific Region and the best 80 medical schools worldwide in 2014. Ranked 25 among 400 prominent Asian Universities according to QS Asian University Rankings 2011 (, FMUI affirms its eminence as one of the top medical faculties worldwide.


Our internationalization effort in medical education is marked by implementing competency-based curriculum since 2005 as referred to World Federation for Medical Education (WFME). International class program is developed in collaboration with University of Melbourne, Monash University, and University of Newcastle. E-learning strategy along with open access to more than 6,000 current international scientific journals is provided to further assist medical students.


FMUI’s research policy is to establish high-quality biomedical and clinical research center focusing on the development of novel scientific knowledge and health products that will contribute significantly in resolving national and global health problems. Competitive research funding program Dean’s Award is held to enhance the generation of translational research. Integrated Laboratory, a sophisticated yet affordable laboratory, is built specifically to accelerate research development. Moreover, extensive mutual partnerships among national and international distinguished research institutes are nurtured in order to escalate our capacity in performing qualified research. Our outstanding achievements in medical education and research will soon become realized as Medical Education and Research Center (ME&RC), a collaborative project with Islamic Development Bank (IDB).


I genuinely believe that FMUI would achieve its vision and continue to generate exceptional success both nationally and internationally. Brilliant human resources and relentless hard work that are built on a foundation of cultural values Integrity, Visionary, Excellence, and Care for others (I’VE Care) remain as our major invaluable asset. Therefore, I deliberately invite you to become the part of our community, dedicated doctors who deliver the best possible healthcare in medicine.


Best regards,




Ratna Sitompul, MD, PhD

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