Master in Nutrition Science

Master in Nutrition Science

Nutrition is defined as a discipline that learns about the relationship of food intake with health of the body as well as the related factors. Nutrition has become one of key role in promoting good quality human resources who are able to compete in globalization era.

Aims of the Education

This program aims to generate graduates that are able to:

1. Identify, formulate, and determine priority:

  • Community and individual nutritional issues
  • Etilogy/ causes of the nutritional issues (biological, cultural, ecological, or economical)
  • Potential physiological, psychological, social, and cultural effect of the community and individual nutritional issues (long term and short term effect)

2. Plan, coordinate, control, and evaluate intervention program for the community or individuals, as well as collaborating with professionals from other fields of study and institutions to overcome         the nutritional problems.
3. Give recommendations on nutritional policies to solve nutritional problems from the scientific, economical, or social perspective.
4. Generate research ideas on nutrition, plan, and evaluate a research program, and collaborate with professionals from other field of study and institutions in doing research.
5. Plan, formulate, and maintain educational or research program on nutrition.
6. Develop a good appearance and professionalism, be an open minded individual who is responsive to the development of science and technology related to nutrition in particular

This program has two choices of specialization:
1. Clinical Nutrition
2. Community Nutrition (regional program conducted in English)


1. Clinical Nutrition
Master of Nutrition/ M. Gizi (Indonesia)
2. Community Nutrition
• Master of Nutrition / M. Gizi (Indonesia)
• Master of Science/MSc (English)

General Prerequisite:
Clinical Nutrition
1. Medical doctor
2. Had passed entrance test conducted Pascasarjana UI & Kekhususan
3. Able to communicate in English with TOEFL score > 450
4. Recommendation letter from direct overseer or supervisor
5. Pronounced healthy with letter from public doctor (dokter pemerintah)
6. Psychological test

Community Nutrition
1. Bachelor degree of food science and nutrition, or other related fields of study
2. Able to communicate actively in English with TOEFL score > 450
3. Complete supporting documents*
4. Had passed entrance test conducted by Pascasarjana UI & Kekhususan

* for further information, please contact Ms. Rini: 021-3913932

For foreign candidates, it is mandatory that candidates must be fluent in Bahasa Indonesia (except for Community Nutrition candidates) and obtain permission letter from Indonesia’s Ministry of Education (Depdiknas). In addition, candidates must fill in the registration form and pay the registration fee.

Curriculum and Credits
Length of study 4 semesters
Total credits 42-46 credits
A. Basic Science 7-9 credits
B. Subjects according to specialization13-14 credits
C. Supplemental subject (compulsory) 10-11 credits
D. Elective subject 2-4 credits
E. Seminar 2 credits
F. Thesis writing 6-8 credits

Tuition Fee
Students must pay tuition fee (Biaya Operasional Pendidikan/BOP), and Dana Kesejahteraan Fasilitas Mahasiswa (DKFM) each semester as well as Dana Pengembangan (DP) and Dana Penyelenggaraaan Pendidikan (DPP).

For further information, kindly contact:
Secretariat of Master in Nutrition Science Program
Phone: +62 21 31930205, 3913932, 3190765
Fax: +62 21 3913933, 3927246

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

Thank you for contacting us :)

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