Master in Biomedical Science

Master in Biomedical Science

The Biomedical Science Graduate Study Program has a mission to shape the mindset of young scientists who are logical, creative and innovative. Students enrolled to this program are trained to search and develop science to explain the phenomenon of life in the level of molecular, cellular, organ and organism. With an exclusively designed curriculum, students are not only encouraged to understand about molecular biology, but also to apply scientific theory to prevent, treat as well as provide rehabilitation for the diseases.

Biomedical science is branch of medicine that use basic principle and knowledge of natural science (biology, chemistry and physics) to explain the phenomenon of life at the level of molecule, cell, organ and organism, in relation with disease as well as find and develop the suitable material to prevent and treat the destruction because of the disease.

The aim to study biomedical science is to handle health/medicine problem that has not been solved with clinical approach, not only supporting clinical approach. As the scope of biomedical science is very large, there are plenty of chances for those who are not doctor with qualification of natural science to develop their interests in this field. Approaches in Biomedical Science is done through laboratory method, be it biological tests from patient, environment or animal experience.

Master and Doctoral Program in Biomedical Science FKUI is the first postgraduate program in Universitas Indonesia. It was established on 11 August 1979 under official name “Program Pendidikan Pascasarjana Ilmu Kedokteran Dasar” (P3S IKD) which was the master/graduate program. Since 1990, the name was modified to be “program studi ilmu Biomedik” which developed to academic pathway and managed by FKUI.


“To be a research-based academic centre that is excellent in biomedical science”


Educating candidate of researcher in various biomedical science through research as the core learning activity, with principal “to nurture researcher through research”
Undertaking research in various biomedical sciences that eligible for publication in national/international journal and/or obtaining patent.
Building network of collaboration with other institutions, both domestic and foreign ones, in research and academic activities.
Academic Staff
Academic staff for master and doctoral program of Biomedical Science possess degree in M.Biomed or MSc (86 staffs), doctorate or PhD (55 staffs) as well as Professors (40 staffs) which come from various biomedical sciences field.

General Subjects:

1. Comprehensive Cell Biology (2 SKS)
2. Molecular Biology and Genetics (2 SKS)
3. Research Methodology and General Philosophy (2 SKS)
4. Introduction to Biochemistry (2 SKS)
5. Introduction to Biotechnology (2 SKS)
6. General Skill (2 SKS)
7. Basic Biomedical Benchwork Skill (2 SKS)
8. Basic Concept of Immunology (2 SKS)

Learning is conducted based on independent model with several strategies including:
1. Interactive Lecture
2. Laboratory work/field work/edu-tourism
3. Seminar
4. Research/thesis writing

Application form can be downloaded from website

Admission for Master and Doctoral are exercised every semester
– Odd Semester: Jan – Mar (First Intake)
April – June (Second Intake)

– Even Semester : Oct – Dec
Entrance Examination for Master and Doctoral program

Consists of two stages :
– Stage I: General (Test Potensi Akademik dan English Proficiency Test)
– Tahap II: Specific (It is conducted by respective specialization program. It consists of interview and research proporsal presentation)

For further information regarding admission and academic matters, kindly contact:
Secretariat of Master in Biomedical Science FKUI
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6 Jakarta 10430
Phone: +62 21 31900908
Fax: +62 21 31900908

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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