Currently, FKUI/Salemba 6 has produced alumni from various degrees ranging from diploma, undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate. The values of professionalism, leadership, and effort is continued to be nurtured and maintained among students and alumni.

Up to 2009, FKUI has over 17.000 alumni all over the country and overseas. These alumni serve as clinicians, researchers, lecturers, leaders of public or private institution. A number of alumni overseas employs as researcher and lecturer. Some of the alumni even work as, professional singer, and entertainer, without losing their medical-clinical ability.

About FKUI Alumni

Alumni  of FKUI/Salemba 6  are those who have graduated from FMUI or those who have graduated from Geneeskundige Hoogeschool/ GH (FKUI’s official name during Dutch Colonization).

Geneeskundige Hoogeschool (GH) remains until March 8, 1942, when it is closed down by the Japanese Army. On April 29, 1943, the same institution was reopened under a new name, Ika Daigaku. Ika Daigaku remained until August 15, 1945.

During this relatively brief period, Ika Daigaku had produced several students that have participate actively in the fight for Indonesia’s independence. Eri Sudewo, Subijanto, Sudarpo Sastrosatomo, MT Harjono, and Sujono Judodibroto were amongst those who play a key role in Indonesia’s fight for independence. They were known as ‘Masyarakat Prapatan 10’, as they all resided in a dormitory located at that address. However, some of these students fail to graduates, as in the case of Subijanto Djojohadikusumo, Sudarpo Sastrosatomo, Oetarjo, Hadi Thayeb, etc. Some of them even fell in action. To commemorate the alumni that had died in the fight, a placard listed in their names, located in Lower Ground of FKUI Salemba 6 campus, was constructed.

After Indonesia gained its independence, alumni of Salemba 6 continued to play a central role in building the basis of the country. Some of these figures were Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Saleh, founder of Radio Republik Indonesia (Indonesia’s National Radio Station), and founder of the Indonesian Navy, Dr. A. Halim former prime minister and former minister of defense, Dr. Darmasetiawan, former minister of health and secretary general for Ministry of Foreign Affairs. They were the nations’ best as well as FKUI’s best that had never failed to combine professionalism, leadership, and effort at work.

Alumni of FKUI support the success and future of FKUI

•    Develop a good communication between alumni as well as between alumni and FKUI
•    Able to utilize resources from alumni to support FKUI


Carry  and pass on FKUI’s tradition, spirit, and honor

Develop loyalty and involvement in FKUI

Build up the concept of ‘Lifelong Study’

Working together with 8000 alumni to create a mutual relationship between FKUI and its alumni, students, and future students.

Students and Staffs
Support FMUI’s students and staffs of FKUI as a part of FKUI’s general community

Alumni Association of FKUI (ILUNI FKUI) targets each alumnus to support the future of FMUI though inter-alumni communication, alumni-almamater communication, alumni’s pride of almamater, and ILUNI FKUI’s own goodwill. Communication, pride, and goodwill are substantial in buiding action and networking.

Communication that begins with togetherness, partnership, and courtesy of alumni is the backbone of the Alumni Association. Declaration of the alumni (mentioned below) that is pronounced after Hippocrates’ Oath upon graduation summarizes ILUNI FKUI’s code
I, alumnus of FKUI hereby declare:

  1. To be loyal and true to our Nation, Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia based on Pancasila and UUD 1945, and to act as a good citizen
  2. Prioritize togetherness, partnership, courtesy in all manners and acts
  3. Conduct profession as a health care worker in conjunction with medical ethics
  4. Treat colleague as a brother
  5. Honor almamater
  6. Contribute in the advancement of FKUI
  7. Participate actively in combating social welfare and health issues

Some of the alumni of FKUI have become a renowned figure in governmental institutions. On 21 May 2010, FKUI received the honour to host Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, President of Republic of Indonesia on a scientific meeting on ‘Health-based Development’ during Hari Kebangkitan Alumni. The event was held to commemorate 102 years of Nation’s Awakening.

The President commented on the role of human resources on Nation’s awakening and development. He also conveyed his praise for FKUI that have played a significant role in Indonesia’s health condition. In addition the President also mentioned his hopes for health care workers development in the future. Secretary of State and Ministry of Health were amongst those attend the high profiled event.

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