Universitas Indonesia achieved 201th place in world universities rank in 2009. In Asia, UI held 50th place of best universities, while in Southeast Asia region, UI stand in the 5th place. To achieve Universitas Indonesia’s aim to become a world class university, FKUI is consistently striving to pursue better result nationally, regionally, and internationally.

Staffs and students are encouraged to be enthusiastic, creative, and to never give up on life. Staffs and students are trained to always bring about the dynamics in every aspect; academic, non-academic, research, arts and sports.

Achievement by Students
These are some examples of various innovation and achievements by the students.
•    Winner of “Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award” year 2007 from Institute of International Education (IIE), United States of America and participating in Global Leadership Institute in New York, 7-13 July 2007, staged by The Goldman Sachs Foundation an. Bambang Dwiputra
•    Winner of Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award year 2008 and entilted to participate in Global Leadership Institute in New York in July 2008, by Rahma Evasari.
•    Winner of Goldman Sachs Global Leaders Award year 2009 by Aino Nidya Auerkari and Festus Andrianto Susilo
•    First champion in Indonesia Medical Students’ Debate Competition (INSDC) year 2008 in Banda Aceh by Rahma Evasari and friends
•    First champion of Paper and Poster Competition 2008 “Preventing Coronary Heart Disease in Indonesia in Relation With Indonesia Lifestyle” by Darrel Fernando
•    Research Scholarship on Molecular Biology di Turki, dan Best Presenter in SICOBAIR (Students’ International Conference on Biomedical and Interdisciplinary Research) Iran year 2008 by Fadhil Ahsan

Achievement by Academic Staff
Dr. Susilo Candra, SpAn
Dr. Susilo Chandra, SpAn, (Dept. of Anesthesiology FKUI-RSCM) conferred award by “The Royal College of Anaesthetist (RCOA)” which based in London. The award was presented by Vice President of RCOA Prof Chris Dodds in Jakarta, February 2010. He is well-known in the international forum for one of his inventions which introducing painless parturition using “single subarachnoid spinal block”. This technique has been implemented by anasthetists in Vitenam, Thailand, India, Bangladesh and Pakistan.
For his inventions, Dr Susilo Chandra is now bestowed to be “Father of Analgesia” especially in parturition. For his imperative contribution, anesthesiology in Indonesia is swiftly progressed to tone with 21st century anesthesiology which is practiced in developed countries.
Title of “Fellowship by Election equivalent to FRCA (Fellow of the Royal College of Anesthetists) which was conferred to Dr Susilo Chandra, SpAn is the first presented by RCOA to Indonesian physician.
RCOA finds that Dr Susilo Chandra is entitled to obtain the award because he is consistent in widen and develop anesthesiology for himself and his colleagues through formal training in form of workshop and seminar even conference.

Dr. Martina WS Nasrun
Martina WS Nasrun, academic staff in Department of Psychiatric FKUI has obtained travel grant and “Best Scientist ASAD 2009 award” at the 3rd ASAD International Congress 2009 on 1-3 October 2009 in Seoul Korea for her presentation entitled “Is there any biomarker for CI person?”. This presentation is actually part of her doctoral dissertation in Universitas Indonesia in 2007 entitled “Deteksi dini hendaya kognitif non dementia: pendekatan  epidemiologi klinik, psikometrik  dan  spektroskop magnetik  resonans pada penyandang DM tipe2” (Early detection of non-dementia cognitive impairment : clinical epidemiology, psychometric and magnetic spectroscopy approaches).
ASAD, which stands for Asian Society Against Dementia, is a multidisciplinary organization which works with International Working Group on Dementia and Drug Haronization (IWGH).

Achievement by Faculty

Biomedical Science Program
Biomedical Science Program in FKUI has been honored grant £10,000 for UK-Indonesia Partnership Funding Programme. This grant is an additional support for another achievement of FMUI Biomedical Science Program for secure funding from British Council’s PMI2 Program. It amounts for £20,000 (first year) and £17,000 (second year) and it is managed by University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. This grant was obtained through proposal-making competition in strive for strengthening collaboration with South East Asian countries in education. This program is coordinated by the British Council.

FKUI is a medical education institution that has produced a lot of intellectual works that implement as solution for health and humanity problems. Hence, FKUI feels the need to legally protect the intellectual works in form of Patent.

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