WEBINAR ”NUTRITION, HEALTH, AND SUSTAINABILITY: Lessons Learned for Programs and Research Needs”

”NUTRITION, HEALTH, AND SUSTAINABILITY: Lessons Learned for Programs and Research Needs”

Master of Nutrition Study Program Department of Nutrition Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia (FMUI) in collaborations with the Human Nutrition Research Center (HNRC) IMERI FMUI, Food and Land Use (FOLU) Coalition Indonesia, Southeast Asian Ministers of Education Organization Regional Center for Food and Nutrition (SEAMEO RECFON), and Master of Nutrition Study Program Alumni Association (ILUNI) will present:

Keynote Lectures:

1. Ir. R. Anang Noegroho Setyo Moeljono, MEM (Director for Food and Agriculture National Development Planning Agency)
“Policy Planning and Implementation for Transformation of Sustainable Food System in Indonesia”

2. dr. Maria Endang Sumiwi, MPH (Director General of Public Health Ministry of Health RI)
“Nutrition, Health, and Sustainability: Current Policy and Program”

1. dr. Rina Agustina MSc, PhD (Department of Nutrition FMUI; HNRC IMERI FMUI; EAT Lancet Commissioner and FOLU Ambassador)
Planetary Healthy Diet for A Better Future in Health and Earth: What Research Needs

2. Scarlett Benson, MSc (Co-Director of Knowledge Generation FOLU)
Growing Better: Critical Transitions to Transform Food and Land Use

3. Saskia de Pee, PhD (Team Lead Systems Analysis for Nutrition World Food Programme)
Opportunity and Challenges in Transforming Indonesia's Food Systems to Eliminate Malnutrition

As a leading university in Southeast Asia, Universitas Indonesia needs to participate in supporting nutrition, health, and sustainability implementation as part of efforts to solve nutritional problems in Indonesia. Thus, Universitas Indonesia aims to advance and strengthen the development of the latest science and studies to answer the increasingly complex problems in human life and existence.

The webinar will discuss some lessons learned on:

Transformation of the food and health system to tackle issues on health, environment, and food security.

Opportunities for governments at national, provincial, and district levels to promote a shift to healthy and sustainable diets in Indonesia, other low middle-income countries and globally.

Key programs, policy and research needs to embed the principles of a healthy diet, with the range of food policies from agriculture through trade, and consumption

Aligning economic, affordability and food security policies with strategies for health and environment; and partnering with food providers and local pioneers to foster a healthier, more sustainable, and more equitable food environment.

🗓 Thursday, May 12, 2022
⏰ 02.00 - 04.30 PM (+7 GMT)
📝 Registration: https://bit.ly/nuthealthsustainability

Broadcast live via Youtube: https://youtube.com/c/WRIIndonesia

📩 Contact person: mgizi.fmui@gmail.com

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