Postgraduate Program for Specialist

This program is profesional academic education program which produces graduates with master degree qualification in medical field and will be conferred with Magister Kedokteran (M.Ked) degree. Subsequently, the graduates will get Specialist Doctor-1 that is the second professional degree.

Profesional education aims to nurture graduates that has theoretical and practical ability to be expert in certain field so that they understand and are able to scientifically solve problems in the profession as well as value the professional ethics to be realized in the service to the public.

The curriculum is in accordance to the Indonesian Specialist Doctor Education Standard that has been regulated by Indonesian Medical Council.

Aim of Education

FKUI aspires to produce specialist-1 doctor that has academic competency of clinical medicine magister that according to the advancement of knowledge and technology as well as ability to extend second professional degree medical service.

Second pofesssional degree education is directed so that the graduates will posses:

  1. Ability to give service that is specialistic in the profession.

  2. Ability to develop knowledge, technology, culture and art which is specialistic in the profession.

  3. Ability to solve problem in the profession through research and service.

  4. Ability to do analysis to many developments in the profession.

Currently, Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia opens 27 study programs of Specialist-1 doctor.

A program study is in the midst of strata fine-tuning and another program is in the process of formal application as a program study in Universitas Indonesia.

No Program Study
1   Anastesiology   M.Ked, SpAn 7
2   Surgery
  M.Ked, SpB 10
3   Internist   M.Ked, SpPD 9
4   Pediatric   M.Ked, SpA 8
5   Obstetry and Ginekology   M.Ked, SpOG 9
6   Neurologi   M.Ked, SpS 8
7   Psikiatri   M.Ked, SpKJ 8
8   Opthalmology
  M.Ked, SpM 7
9   Dermatovenereology   M.Ked, SpKK 7
10   ENT
  M.Ked, SpTHT-KL 8
11   Cardiology and Vascular Medicine
  M.Ked, SpJP 10
12   Pulmonology and Respiratory Medicine
  M.Ked, SpP 7
13   Radiology   M.Ked, SpRad 7
14   Forensic & Medikolegal   M.Ked, SpF 6
15   Anatomic Pathologic
  M.Ked, SpPA 6
16   Clinical Pathologic
  M.Ked, SpPK 8
17   Ortopaedi & Traumatology   M.Ked, SpOT 9
18   Urology   M.Ked, SpU 10
19   Neuro Surgery
  M.Ked, SpBS 11
20   Medical Rehabilitation
  M.Ked, SpRM 8
21   Plastic Surgery
  M.Ked, SpBP 10
22   Sport Medicine
  M.Ked, SpKO 7
23   Clinical Microbiology
  M.Ked, SpMK 6
24   Clinical Farmacology
  M.Ked, SpFK 7
25   Community Medicine
  M.Ked, SpOK 6
26   Toraks & Kardiovaskuler Surgery
  M.Ked, SpBTKV 10
27   Oncology Radiasi   M.Ked, SpOnkRad 7
28   Kedokteran Penerbangan   M.Ked, SpKP 9
29   Clinical Parasitology
  M.Ked, SpParK  9
30   Clinical Nutrition   M.Ked, SpGK  6
31   Clinical Akupunktur
  M.Ked, SpAk  6


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