General Information

The Department of Medical Physics FKUI is still maintaining the longstanding laboratory works that is hoped to support the medicine.
Previously, Department of Medical Physics belongs to pre-medical groups however there are some collaborations with other institution.

This department collaborates with other departments in FMUI to undertake research and development of medical education. In terms of education, collaborations are performed with UI Postgraduate Faculty, Nursing Program, Faculty of Public health and Faculty of Dentistry. There is also collaboration with Litbang KIMIA and Fisika Terapan LIPI as well as informal cooperation with Chiba University, Tokyo Institute of Technology (TIT) and Shizouka University in Jepang. The 5-year developmental direction for Department of Physics is to focus on research that support the advancement of medical technology, related to hardware and software, as well as developing medical data recording and analytical techniques. 

Competitive advantages in this department include specialization in opto-electronic, instrumentation, spectroscopy, holography, metrology, and laser application. The staff of this department has played important role with collaboration with LIPI in metrology, cooperation with BPPT and LIPI as well as becoming member of IEEE and OSA. Association of profession that are actively joined by the staff are Himpunan Fisika Indonesia (HFI), Kelompk Laser Indonesia, Himpunan Masyarakat Instrumentasi Indonesia (HMII), Asosiasi Flowsitometri Indonesia (AFI) and International Society for Analytical Cytology (ISAC).


General Service

Anwar Soefi Ibrahim,Drs,M.Eng, Sc
Dangsina Moeloek,dr, MS, SpKO, SpKL
Edrial N.Eddin,Ir,MBA
Lamyarni I.Sardy,Dra, M.Eng, Sc
Maulana Silalahi, Drs, M.Eng, Sc
Muhammad Taufiq Dardjat,dr
Peni K. Samsuria 
Prasandhya Astagiri, Ssi, M.T


For further information, please contact:
Department of Medical Physics
Faculty of Medicine Universitas Indonesia
Jl. Salemba Raya No. 6, Jakarta Pusat 10430
Tel & Fax. +62-21 - 3155576